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I am Aditya, a High-Frequency Trading Engineer living in the US. I am passionate about science and technology. But more than that, I love writing! So here is it, a place for thoughts, expressions, and introspection.

Before landing in Chicago, I worked in Singapore for a few years, before which I was in India. While geography certainly plays a role in giving us our identities, people across continents and countries are still so much more alike than they are different. I have enjoyed staying in these beautiful cities, tasting the local cuisine, and shopping at the local grocery stores. Just being there and being part of daily life is a valuable experience, and through this blog, I wish to share those with everyone!

Back in 2019, in my final year as an undergraduate at IIT Indore, I took a class on creative writing and short fiction. The class made me fall in love with being able to share the little slices of life in the form of short stories. These stories cover everything from the warmth of roadside chai shops to the little emergencies we face now and then that make our daily life memorable.

I am also interested in Physics — the most promising scientific route towards understanding the meaning of life! Like many people, I wonder and read about the nature of reality and try to form my own opinion of what our existence means. Physics, through Quantum Mechanics, gives us hope that this magical universe is so much more than what we observe. It’s also a reality check sometimes and keeps us grounded. Then again, at times, it can be brutal, and there are theories that I don’t root for!

Dear reader, I hope that I don’t sound entirely clueless and that this section assures you that Seasons is worth a try! If you’d like to be a guest author or wish to say Hi or have some feedback, feel free to email me!

FAQ: What is this blog named Seasons? It’s not entirely random! We may not like all seasons. But they do make the weather interesting. Through all the rain and shine, we must keep moving. Seasons come and go, but the mission continues!

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Aditya Jain

HFT Engineer /// Madison 🇺🇸/// Singapore 🇸🇬 /// Graduate Student in CS @ UW Madison /// B.Tech. (CSE) IIT Indore ‘19